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          Let it Be, arranged by the inspiring young saxophonist Jess Gillam
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          19th June 2020

          Please enjoy watching this wonderful version of Let it Be, arranged by the inspiring young saxophonist Jess Gillam.

          All AGGS music classes were invited to join this project by uploading a video of either playing an instrument or singing. The arrangement is a lovely one.

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          A big thank you to our wonderful team of 14 instrumental teachers, who are teaching students remotely and who encouraged their pupils to record a part.

          Look out for the following students, who have let me know they were involved. Some specified the time they can be seen. They will all be awarded a merit: 

          7-3 Kalila R           double bass
          7-3 Maia S H         singing      – 3.37
          8-2 Abi H               singing

          8-2 Regina E         violin
          8-4 Zoe H              trombone 
          8-5 Thakshila R   trombone – 1.48
          8-5 Bea W            clarinet
          9-3 Eleanor W     bassoon    – 1.18
          Y9 Eleanor H       violin

          Read more on the following article:



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